We offer a category on Patreon called Too Weird for Public (TW4P). It features comics that we didn’t release to the wide public as they might be too weird. Every patron from every tier has access to it!

This is one of the comics we published there: THE KICK

War and Peas - The Kick - Jonathan Kunz and Elizabeth Pich

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When’s the last time you opened your mailbox and a love letter fell out into your hands? 

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Love Letter Service – Goodies

The Love Letter is a monthly letter you will receive straight from our passion-plagued hands to yours. Each month, your letter will include:

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❤️ The very first Love Letter ships end of April 2022! ❤️

Love Letter Service – The Witchhumper Sticker

We also added an even more exclusive tier: ✨The VIP Love Letter

Besides everything from the above, we will emerge from out our shadowy coffins, with our pens in hand, sit down at our dusty desk and think of you. While we do, we will draw you a picture.

This is an original drawing. It will be signed and dedicated to you. Your monthly drawing is unique and it’s yours and yours alone. It will be placed in your love letter, with all other goodies and sent out to you. One day, it will surely be worth millions (think of it as a physical NFT) but we are trusting you not to sell our most valuable bequest, but instead cherish it forever.

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Live, Laugh, Love!
Elizabeth and Jonathan

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We just added several new items to our shop including an Organic Tote Bag, a Slutty Witch Pin made of shiny hi-quality enamel and a Creep Cord Cap featuring our beloved character Gary the Ghost.

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War and Peas - Gary Ghost CapWar and Peas - Slutty Witch PinWar and Peas - Cat's Guide Tote Bag

War and Peas - Rewriting Extinction

We are part of Rewriting Extinction, a campaign to raise money and awareness for 7 projects to tackle BOTH the climate and the biodiversity crisis. These projects are evidence-based, actionable, and ready to rollout in the next 12 months and will help stop species going extinct, once and for all.

Ricky Gervais, Taika Waititi, Cara Delevigne, Jane Goodall, Dinos & Comics and 300+ creators united to make a book. Remember the comic we made with Richard Curtis? It’s in there, too and you can preorder it now!

War and Peas - Rewriting Extinction - Extra Fabulous Comics

War and Peas - Rewriting Extinction - Dinos and Comics

War and Peas - Rewriting Extinction - Just Comics

War and Peas - Rewriting Extinction

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10 Years War and Peas – Jonathan Kunz and Elizabeth Pich

We have no idea how they found out but on Wikipedia it says that War and Peas was founded on September 7th in 2011. That sounds about right and means that today we celebrate one decade of stoopid $WAP comics!

We’ll have a few drinks to that and look at some old photos when we were young and free. Cheers to 10 more years!

Yours truly,
Jonathan & Elizabeth