Elizabeth Pich and Jonathan Kunz holding their comic book in Italian

Ciao! We are overjoyed to announce that our debut book “War and Peas – Funny Comics for Dirty Lovers” is now available in Italian!

The book – released by Edizioni BD – is beautifully titled “War and Peas – Fumetti spassosi per amanti scandalosi” and we can’t stop repeating this title over and over again like a mantra.

After Spanish, French and German, this is now the fourth language in which the book has been published and we are delighted with the increasing popularity in the international community.

Italian comic strip by War and Peas about a wedding

So if you have a friend who wants to learn Italian or want to give it a try yourself, you’ll find links on this page!


Elizabeth Pich and Jonathan Kunz holding copies of the comic book "Salut la Terre" published by French publishing house Les Requins Marteaux

We couldn’t be happier to tell you that our new book “Salut la Terre” is out today in French!

It’s a world premier and we think this is an incredibly beautiful and funny book that everyone should read! It will be out – at some point – in English, too. So if you don’t speak French yourself and don’t know anyone to give the book to, you’ll have to be patient a little bit longer.

If you want to learn the Language of Love, this is perfect for you. It features some of your favorite characters from the War and Peas world and each comic strip is self-contained and completed. Find details and order links here.

We’re super happy that the book is nominated for the renowned Tournesol Prize!

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Talk soon and stay silly,
Elizabeth & Jonathan

French speakers to the front!

Our new book Salut la Terre is coming!

We’re excited to announce our funniest book yet! Join us on a ridiculous journey to Earth, a fabulous planet on the verge of catastrophe. We’ll meet talking trees, sassy aliens, fish with a great musical career, and one hot momma-earth. It’s funny, it’s sad, it’s thought-provoking – it’s pure War and Peas. So, if you speak French, order now!

Le BD "Salut la Terre" de War and Peas

RELEASE DATE: October 20
Pre-order the book at your local bookstore, to support brick and mortar stores. The conditions are the same!

Published in French by Les Requins Marteaux, an excellent publishing house from Bordeaux. We are proud to be part of their roster of authors!

If you are sad that the comic is only available in French, give it to your friend who always bragging about their French skills – and let them read it to you. Or learn French yourself – it’s sure to impress potential mates and employers. Or just wait until an international publisher picks it up – it may only take a few months – stay tuned.

French comic of War and Peas from the Book "Salut la terre"

En cliquant sur ce lien, tu trouveras notre communauté française sur Instagram.


Elizabeth Pich and Jonathan Kunz in the War and Peas Studio

According to Wikipedia, War and Peas is turning 12 today!

We are so happy to have made it this far … and far from stopping. War and Peas is our eternal project and this is made possible by our wonderful backers on Patreon. We are so grateful to be on this journey with you and to be able to make the world a little funnier with comics. A sincere thank you goes out to you. Our hearts are wide open.

Here’s to the next 12 years! Prost!

PS: Thanks to James Chapeskie for this congratulatory message. If you haven’t heard of him yet, this video is recommended as an introduction to this exceptional artist.

Jonathan picking Elizabeth's nose in the War and Peas studio

We offer a category on Patreon called Too Weird for Public (TW4P). It features comics that we didn’t release to the wide public as they might be too weird. Every patron from every tier has access to it!

This is one of the comics we published there: THE KICK

War and Peas - The Kick - Jonathan Kunz and Elizabeth Pich

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Love Letter Service – The Witchhumper Sticker

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