When’s the last time you opened your mailbox and a love letter fell out into your hands? 

Now you can get one every month, from us! We’re introducing a limited new tier on Patreon: 💌 The Love Letter 💌

Love Letter Service – Goodies

The Love Letter is a monthly letter you will receive straight from our passion-plagued hands to yours. Each month, your letter will include:

  • A heartfelt note from us
  • An exclusive hologram sticker
  • Something magical (e.g. a postcard, a comic magnet, a sticker sheet)

All letters and goodies are unique and crafted especially for these letters. We are limiting our Love Letter to 100 patrons for the time being. As our patron, we’re telling you about it first, so you can get first dibs ✨✨

❤️ The very first Love Letter ships end of April 2022! ❤️

Love Letter Service – The Witchhumper Sticker

We also added an even more exclusive tier: ✨The VIP Love Letter

Besides everything from the above, we will emerge from out our shadowy coffins, with our pens in hand, sit down at our dusty desk and think of you. While we do, we will draw you a picture.

This is an original drawing. It will be signed and dedicated to you. Your monthly drawing is unique and it’s yours and yours alone. It will be placed in your love letter, with all other goodies and sent out to you. One day, it will surely be worth millions (think of it as a physical NFT) but we are trusting you not to sell our most valuable bequest, but instead cherish it forever.

This tier is limited to three (3) lucky souls.

Live, Laugh, Love!
Elizabeth and Jonathan

PS: In addition to your monthly love letter, you also get access to all other tiers, including weekly early comics, monthly hi-resolution art to download, print out & much more. We will also write your name on our ritual shrine using our blood.


War and Peas - Secret Agent - Jonathan Kunz and Elizabeth Pich

War and Peas - Book Cover - Elizabeth Pich and Jonathan Kunz

War and Peas - Book Cover - Elizabeth Pich and Jonathan Kunz

We are very excited to announce that our debut book

War and Peas: Funny Comics for Dirty Lovers

will be out on March 3rd 2020. With Andrews McMeel we found the perfect publisher and are very happy to have found the same home as the Peanuts, Calvin & Hobbes and many of our fellow webcomic colleagues.

If you choose to preorder the book, you help us having a great launch. That means that Bestseller Lists might take notice of it and more book stores will place it for their readers. Click here to preorder :)

War and Peas - Book Spread - Elizabeth Pich and Jonathan Kunz

“Hilarious, morbid, and sometimes oddly touching, War and Peas is among the best of the best in modern comics. You’ll be laughing out loud.”

Sarah Andersen, creator of Sarah’s Scribbles

War and Peas - Skim Through - Elizabeth Pich and Jonathan Kunz

“From the creators of the hugely popular Instagram comic War and Peas, this offbeat four-panel comic features a dark, fairy-tale aesthetic and a twist ending each time. War and Peas: Funny Comics for Dirty Lovers combine twisted humor with a beloved cast of characters including the grim reaper (seen here as an unintentionally lethal man of leisure), a robot in hopelessly in love with his scientist creator, and a promiscuous yet self-assured witch. Unlike most webcomic collections, this one tells a story using dozens of never-before-seen comics to chronicle the lives of several different characters and their follies during life, death, and their glorious reunions in the afterlife (and the after-afterlife).”

Click here to preorder :)