1. What technique do you use to make comics?

Elizabeth is actually a computer scientist, so she wrote an algorithm which comes up with all the comics for us. That way, we have more time to sit around eating nutbars.

2. Can I post one of your comics on my page?

Sure! As long as you’re not using it for commercial purposes, we’re very happy if you do this. But please don’t cut off our signature or edit the comic in any way. Also make sure to link to our website. Thanks :)

3. I would like to buy a print of a comic.

That’s not a question but very cool. Please check out our online shop. If you don’t find the specific comic you’d like to acquire, send an email to hello(at)warandpeas.com and we’ll do the best we can to pander to your needs.

4. I want to have a tattoo of one of your characters. Can I?

We always encourage people to do stupid things! Please make a photo and send it to us before you have it removed again.

5. Do you do commissions?

We’re usually very busy walking around in our castle turning off the lights. If not, we’re open to do commissions of any kind but we prefer exceptional requests like writing jokes for TV shows or killing a dude.

6. What movies do you recommend?

There are so many fantastic movies we love but here are some evergreens we watch on a regular basis: “The Green Butchers”, “What We Do in the Shadows”, “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” and the “Alien” Anthology.