War and Peas 4-panel-comic: 1. A polar bear talks to other polar bears: "Friends, we must prepare for climate change." 2. They continue: "Even if the 1.5 degrees goal is met, our habit will be disappearing." 3. Another polar bear notes, "We could live with our friends the penguins!" Another one agrees, "Yes!" 4. Caption text says, "Later on the ocean" You can see the polar bears with luggage on one ice floe and the penguins on another one. The penguins also have luggage. The polar bears say "Fuck!" The penguins go "Fuck!" as well.

New comic! “Move” is one of a series of climate comics that bring art and science together to explore the big questions about the climate crisis. More to read & download at https://www.comicartfestival.com/constrain-climate-comics

The other artists involved are – award-winning comic creator Darryl Cunningham and comic creator, academic and illustrator Sayra Begum.
CONSTRAIN is a 4-year programme of research and engagement, funded by the EU Horizon 2020 programme. Led by the University of Leeds, the CONSTRAIN consortium involves 14 partners and around 50 researchers from 9 countries across Europe. 

War and Peas - Woke - Rewriting Extinction - Jonathan Kunz and Elizabeth Pich

We made a comic with romcom legend Richard Curtis and Paul Goodenough from Rewriting Extinction!

Rewriting Extinction is a project with the goal to raise money and awareness for BOTH the climate and the biodiversity crisis. We’re honored to be included in “The Most Important Comic Book on Earth” which is a huge story collection of amazing cartoonists and celebrities. You can preorder it now!

War and Peas – Jonathan Kunz – Elizabeth Pich – Richard Curtis – Paul Goodenough – Portobello

FYI: Richard talked about our collab and his new project Make Your Money Matter with BBC News. Check it out :) :)