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Here’s some inspiration for your Chistmas gifts:

You’re looking for the perfect gift for a hopeless art student or philosophy major? Search no longer! We got you with this inspiring and positive Pencil Set.

Five Inspiring Pencils

We offer signed & dedicated copies of our book War and Peas – Funny Comics for Dirty Lovers. This means you can order the book and we will sign it, doodle a little original drawing and write in the name of your presentee. Also available in German!

War and Peas - Funny Comics for Dirty Lovers - Elizabeth Pich and Jonathan Kunz

Always a good idea: funny art prints. We’ve got framed options for every comic and if you want something very special, choose any comic from our website or social media and get a Special Request Print for your beloved one.

War and Peas Secret Agent Print

Humans Suck – Planet Earth – Iron On Patch

We also offer warm shirts and sweaters, a large variety of accessories and much more. To visit our store, click here.

Jonathan and Elizabeth


Cómics divertidos para mentes retorcidas


We’re happy to announce that today our book is released in Spanish!

Get it at your local book store, from our fantastic publisher RBA Libros or from Casa del Libro.

Cómics divertidos para mentes retorcidas 2


De los creadores de la popular cuenta de Instagram War and Peas, estos insólitos cómics de cuatro viñetas presentan una estética a lo cuento de hadas de final escabroso. War and Peas. Cómics divertidos para mentes retorcidas combina humor perverso con un elenco de personajes maravillosos, entre los que se incluye a la Parca, vista como un caballero ocioso y accidentalmente letal; un robot enamorado hasta las trancas de su creadora, y una bruja promiscua pero muy segura de sí misma. Adéntrate en las hilarantes experiencias de estos personajes; en sus locuras durante la vida y la muerte; u en sus escarceos con el más allá, y el más, más allá.

War and Peas - Slutty Witch 2020 - Elizabeth Pich and Jonathan Kunz

We added some new self-produced articles to our shop!
Check them out here :)

War and Peas - A Job Is A Job - Elizabeth Pich and Jonathan Kunz

Due to popular demands, we decided to turn our comic “A Job Is A Job” into a comic zine, so you can have it by your side whenever you need it. You can also give it to a friend, meditate over it or use it as a sled.

War and Peas - This is for grandma - Elizabeth Pich and Jonathan Kunz

War and Peas - Postcard Series - Elizabeth Pich and Jonathan Kunz

Every new order come with this set of postcards. Offer good while supplies last!

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