We’ve All Got a Bit of Barbie in Us

4-Panel-Comic by War and Peas in collaboration with Rewriting Extinction.

1. Panel: At the beach. Ken & Barbie wearing warning vests and clean-up gear by the edge of the sea. Barbie: "Feels good to give back and be part of the solution, doesn’t it!”
2. They're starting to melt. Ken: "Yeah, but it's so damn hot." A fish pokes its head out of the water near them.
3. Ken's arm is melting into the sea. Barbie's face is melting. The fish is now closer. Barbie: "Your arm!" Ken: “Your face!”
4. At a fish restaurant. The fish from earlier has been cut open, revealing Barbie’s half melted horrific face staring up at us.

Collab Comic with the wonderful people from Rewriting Extinction. Go check them out and support their cause.

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