Translation Pages

War and Peas is being translated into several languages: 

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Brazilian Portugese
Czech vojnassyr
by Benjamin Garcia
war.and.peas.francais warandpeas.francais
Italian war.and.peas.italiano
by Tót Barbara (Deidra Nicthea)
warandpeashun warandpeashun
by Sofía N. Ferrando Thomas
war.and.peas.espanol warnpeassnft

Do you want to start your own translation page? 

We are very happy if you want to start your own translation page but please make sure to contact us beforehand. There are also a couple of things to consider: You can add your translation signature to the comic but don’t put it over the image and don’t crop the artist signature. Please make sure that readers can find the original comic and link to War and Peas at least in the Bio or About Page. You can make small changes to adjust the joke to the language but please do not change the meaning of the comic. Thank you for your help in making our comics readable all over the world <3 <3