4-panel-Comic by War and Peas: 1. Panel: A person is in a hospital bed while another person is sitting by their side. The person in bed says, "... and then Death flashed before my eyes." 2. Panel: Flashback: The Grim Reaper has spread his coat in front of the person from the bed and shows what he has on underneath like an exhibitionist. 3. Panel: The person says: "This is creepy." 4. Panel: Back to the hospital bed. The other person says, "You are so brave."

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Funny 4 panel comic by War and Peas. 1. Panel: A person is walking. A text says "Shake what yo momma gave ya" 2. Panel The person is shaking some papers in their hands. 3. Panel: You can see that the papers read "Therapy Bills". 4. Panel: The person is still shaking.


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