I Brake For Frogs – Bumper Sticker

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I Brake For Frogs – Bumper Sticker


Going down in flames but with a sound mind.


This lovely outdoor sticker is printed on 90μm self-adhesive material. It’s tough, can withstand weather and UV light for several years 🐸


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Are you a frog lover? Do you prioritize amphibian safety over the apocalypse? Then we’ve got the perfect bumper sticker for you! Introducing our “The world might be ending, but I still brake for frogs!” sticker – the perfect way to show off your love for our slimy, croaky friends.

Sure, some people might be stockpiling canned goods and building bunkers in anticipation of the end of the world. But not you – you know that no matter what happens, it’s still important to watch out for those little green guys hopping across the road. This sticker is not only a great way to express your love for frogs, but it also serves as a reminder to other drivers to be mindful of wildlife on the road.

So go ahead, slap this sticker on your car, and let the world know where your priorities lie. Who knows, you might even inspire others to be a little more environmentally conscious – or at least a little more cautious when driving through swampy areas. Don’t wait until the world is ending to start caring about the little things.

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