✌️🌎 “Woke” for Rewriting Extinction with Richard Curtis! 😱

We’ve been busy, y’all!

The last weeks we’ve been dedicating a chunk of our time to a non-profit project with the goal of raising money and awareness for the climate and biodiversity crisis: REWRITING EXTINCTION.

✨ Now, it’s finally finished: a humungous comic book featuring over 120 heartwarming, alarming, funny, sad, and important comics. We’re in there, along with many other awesome artists such as Safely Endangered, Extrafabulous Comics, and lots more.



For our comics, we had the honor of pairing up with romcom legend Richard Curtis and the projects lead coordinator Paul Goodenough. Here we are brainstorming with the greats.

You can tell we had a lot of fun bouncing ideas back and forth. (If only we could ask Richard for great comic ideas every week).

Equally as exciting: the whole project is getting the media attention it dearly needs and deserves, with the BBC reporting about it today! We even made it into the final cut 😱😱 Maybe our parents will finally be proud of us.

πŸ‘‰ To read more about the project, visit Rewriting Excition. To order the book, click here.

Have a good day! Hug a dog! Smile at a stranger!

Jonathan and Elizabeth

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